COVID-19 Prevention Policy

In the current environment, it is important for all of us to be health-conscious. That is why we want to update you on the situation with COVID-19 (the coronavirus) and the steps we are taking to ensure your health with Chronotik products.

Our watches will be delayed 10 days more than usual. Adding 10 days to the usual 30 days shipping time if shipped from China (not counting the 2-5 days of processing). Our warehouses in the US are limited and will need time to restock after receiving our products from our warehouses from outside the USA, which takes 5 weeks.

In perfect conditions, the COVID-19 virus can live on a surface anywhere from a few hours to a few days. We will sanitize each and ever watch and pieces jewelry before shipping them to you to ensure that there is absolutely no possibility of Chronotik's products causing any infection. Please stay healthy and Safe.